V. T. Choksi Sarvajanik High School

Our History

Since  1926  Sarvajanik  Education  Society  has  founded  Haripura  Sarvajanik  High  School,  Surat  named  “V. T. Choksi  Haripura  Sarvajanik  High  School, Primary  Unit”  Established  : 1-st June  1926. 

With the Combined efforts of Late Shree Nathubhai Narandas Jariwala &Late Di. Ba-Chunilal Maneklal Gandhi, The Haripura Middle School was commenced in Sheth Shree Chunawala's residence of Rampura on 01-09-1926. The school   was started with only 22 students.  In 1927, the school was named as Haripura Sarvajanik Middle School. The school had 156 students in 1927.   Shree Dahyabhai Shah was the first Head Master. 

In 1928 the school was shifted in the Building of Leuva Patidar Panch.   

Shree Mohanlal Bhukhandas Modi was appointed as the head master in 1931.He served for 30 Years. Shree Modi was so serviceable, generous and diligent in his duty that the school was known as "Modisaheb's school" during his tenure.The First Metric Class was started in 1939-40 and the school became Full-fleged high school In 1948, various subjects and new syllabus pattern started.                                                                   

The Exam Board came into existence so the school-ending exam was removed.As per the Mumbai Government Commercial High school Plan, two commer-cial classes were begun in 1950 for the first time.  

 The Sarvajanik Education Society purchased a new building and it was named as " Commerce Building" of the school.                                                            

In  Co operation  with  the  Honourable  Donors  Late   Shri  Nathubhai  Narayandas  Jariwalal  and  Late  Shri   Chunilal  Maneklal  Gandhi.

“V.T.Choksi Haripura  Sarvajanik  High  School, Primary  Unit”  is  one  of  our  Gujarati Medium Schools, here  we teach frompre school and 1-st  standard to  8-th    standard   coeducation We are the part of Sarvajanik Education Society.We felt proud of it. 

As a principal of V.T.Choksi Haripura Primary School I wish to extend a warm welcome to all our pre school families. We are proud of the wonderful school we have developed and great learning experiences and opportunities we offer our student. Our school is committed to providing a quality education for all student that develops the whole child.There are 200 students in our Institution. Our classrooms are spacious with all other amenities. Our staff is well qualified as well as trained.We create a good environment for study.   

Our school also gives free-studentship for the  poor  students  & also to the orphans. We also give scholarships to the most brilliant students   which   inspires   not   only   them   but   also   to  those   who are weak in their studies.
Our   aim   is   to  give  the  complete education, we participated in many inter school competition to bring out the inner talents of students . Like events of sports, culture, Science etc.
“BRIGHT FUTURE" is the main GOAL for our Staff. And give the best education with the use of audio-visual aids , other activities, experiments for our students.