V. T. Choksi Sarvajanik High School

Principal’s Message(Primary)

As a principal of V.T.Choksi Haripura Primary School I wish to extend a warm welcome to all our pre school families. We are proud of the wonderful school we have developed and great learning experiences and opportunities we offer our student. Our school is committed to providing a quality education for all student that develops the whole child.There are 200 students in our Institution. Our classrooms are spacious with all other amenities. Our staff is well qualified as well as trained.We create a good environment for study.   

Our school also gives free-studentship for the  poor  students  & also to the orphans. We also give scholarships to the most brilliant students   which   inspires   not   only   them   but   also   to  those   who are weak in their studies.
Our   aim   is   to  give  the  complete education, we participated in many inter school competition to bring out the inner talents of students . Like events of sports, culture, Science etc.

“BRIGHT FUTURE" is the main GOAL for our Staff. And give the best education with the use of audio-visual aids teaching aids ,different  types of the skills other activities, experiments for our students.